Ahhh…the first big decision!

room color scheme tips

Well my friends.  It has all been fun and games and daydreams so far but we have reached our first critical point in the decision process. Let’s face it.  We really must pick out our colors before we go any further.  Without a color scheme we can’t pick paint, pillows, or accessories.  We can’t start […]

Shhh…listen…can you hear it? That’s your house speaking to you.

room makeover

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you know by now that my house speaks to me.  Call it creepy…call it what you will…but that’s what I call it.  It’s not like an actually “hearing voices” schizophrenic type speaking.  More like that subtle feeling you get in your gut when God speaks to you. […]

Those pesky little design problems


Welcome back to the second step in the makeover your room process!  Last week we did a little decision making and decided what should stay and what should go.  Now that that decision is out the way we can move on to…another kinda boring thought process.  You see, I am one of those people who […]

So….you have a room that’s begging for a makeover…


Do you have a room that is just begging for a makeover? Have you been spending a little too much time obsessing over all those perfectly designed rooms on Pinterest? Is HGTV consuming your life? It sounds like you  might be suffering from a bad case of  makeover fever.  Well…Get excited because I am going […]

Living Room – The Before


Today I want to share with you guys my living room “before” pictures.  Now, I know these “before” pictures aren’t actually that bad – a little plain maybe – but not that bad.  Our house is a little over a year old and we had it custom built for us so we didn’t have any […]

I’m back! Here’s what I’ve been up to!


I’m back.  I know, I know.  Officially worst blogger ever!  But hey – what can ya do?  I have actually been super busy.  A little bit fun busy and little bit crazy busy!  Here’s some life updates via my iPhone! First, let me just say that I’m pretty sure there is a baby explosion happening […]

My Coral and Teal Laundry Oasis


Welcome to our laundry room! Before we get any further I have a few “dirty laundry” secrets for ya. 1.) I HATE doing laundry with a capital H. 2.) I have never ironed anything except fabric for my projects.  When I lived at home my mom did it for me and then when Ryan and […]

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Back 2 School Front Porch


Sadly…this is what our front porch looked like up until yesterday… Embarrassing right?  I have been so busy working inside our home that I have completely ignored the outside.  I’m pretty sure that the last time our front porch was decorated was for fall.  I think I may have even skipped over Christmas.  Oops. Every […]

Easton’s Childrens Book Room


I am so excited to share Easton’s room with you guys.  It was the first room that I finished in my house.  When we first  moved we started working on the boys rooms right away so they would feel comfortable and have a place of their own.  I only wished that Easton liked it enough […]

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AH-MAZING Thrifting Week!!!!


YOU! GUYS!  You will not believe what an amazing thrifting week it has been for me!!!  I can’t wait to share my awesome finds with you!!! I have been on the hunt for …. 1.) Unique and funky little trinkets to set around on shelves, tables, mantels, etc in my living room.  I want it […]