It all began with a little bit of paint…and some chalkboard medium

Navy Chalkboard and DIY Chalkboard Art

Let me start by taking you back to the end of last year.  I was ready to begin my living room/dining room/kitchen/entry way makeover.  I’ll also tell you that my comfort zone is paint.  It’s what I know I am good at.  It’s my happy place.  Put my children to bed, give me a good […]

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Easy and Cheap Back Porch Makeover!

Easy and Cheap Back Porch Makeover by The Project Palace

Last weekend we had super amazing fun plans to go up to Oklahoma City with my brother and his wife, Kari, to spend the night and go eat at a really awesome, fancy restaurant called Vast.  It’s on the top story of the Devon tower in downtown OKC.  If you have watched the Thunder play […]

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Incorporating Pinterest Trends into YOUR Home!

How to Incorporate Pinterest Trends into YOUR home! From The Project Palace

When I stopped blogging last year I was in the middle of doing a series on tips and trick for implementing a room makeover.  Since I already had this post written I figured I would go ahead and upload it.  If your visiting for the first time…or lets be honest…forgot these posts even existed…check out […]

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Why I Decided to Start Blogging Again

Why I Started Blogging Again

So…it’s only been…what…9 months since I last posted anything. No…I didn’t have a baby. So where have I been?  There is a long and short answer, so I’ll try to give you a combo of the both. Soon after I wrote my last blog post I found out that I was accepted into grad school. […]

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Ahhh…the first big decision!

room color scheme tips

Well my friends.  It has all been fun and games and daydreams so far but we have reached our first critical point in the decision process. Let’s face it.  We really must pick out our colors before we go any further.  Without a color scheme we can’t pick paint, pillows, or accessories.  We can’t start […]

Shhh…listen…can you hear it? That’s your house speaking to you.

room makeover

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you know by now that my house speaks to me.  Call it creepy…call it what you will…but that’s what I call it.  It’s not like an actually “hearing voices” schizophrenic type speaking.  More like that subtle feeling you get in your gut when God speaks to you. […]

Those pesky little design problems


Welcome back to the second step in the makeover your room process!  Last week we did a little decision making and decided what should stay and what should go.  Now that that decision is out the way we can move on to…another kinda boring thought process.  You see, I am one of those people who […]

So….you have a room that’s begging for a makeover…


Do you have a room that is just begging for a makeover? Have you been spending a little too much time obsessing over all those perfectly designed rooms on Pinterest? Is HGTV consuming your life? It sounds like you  might be suffering from a bad case of  makeover fever.  Well…Get excited because I am going […]

Living Room – The Before


Today I want to share with you guys my living room “before” pictures.  Now, I know these “before” pictures aren’t actually that bad – a little plain maybe – but not that bad.  Our house is a little over a year old and we had it custom built for us so we didn’t have any […]

I’m back! Here’s what I’ve been up to!


I’m back.  I know, I know.  Officially worst blogger ever!  But hey – what can ya do?  I have actually been super busy.  A little bit fun busy and little bit crazy busy!  Here’s some life updates via my iPhone! First, let me just say that I’m pretty sure there is a baby explosion happening […]