Our weekend recap with DIY giant initial letter

We have had a super busy weekend.  I haven’t had much time to post because we have been so busy actually doing projects, going to birthday parties, and getting those annoying little tasks (like going to Walmart…ugh) that you have to do so your family can go on living.  So here is a little update via instagram pictures of our life these past few days!

Thursday was Carter’s 100th day of Pre-K.  Their teacher wanted the whole class to dress up like they were 100 years old.  It was so funny to see all the four year olds dressed up like little old men and little old women!






Friday we went to Carter’s school because his class was preforming in their school assembly.  They sang about George Washington chopping down the cherry tree.  It was precious!


When we got home from Carter’s big performance we put Easton down for his nap and started to work on the board and batten wall!  Finally!!  Let me just tell you…the actual wood cutting and placing on the wall was super easy.  We accomplished all this during Easty’s 2 1/2 hour nap.  The painting of the board and batten wall…that was a pain in the you know what!  We will do a whole post on the board and batten wall soon.


While we were working on the board and batten wall the doorbell rang…it was the new couch being delievered!  Could the day get any better?


Saturday was painted all day and then hung some decorations on the wall.  One of the wall decorations I am most excited about was our giant letter “K”.  I know these giant initials are everywhere these days.  However, did you know you can make one for just $12 dollars?  Yeah… I was amazed!

Right after we moved in I bought this giant “E” for Easton’s room from a little boutique store here in town.  It cost $85.  I had a mini heart attack while purchasing it but justified the purchase because it was the perfect shade of red and distressed to perfection.




A few months later I was working on finishing Carter’s room and he wanted a big “C” for his room.  (These brothers like to be just alike)  I got Carter’s letter from Pottery Barn Kids.  It was $59.  Again…mini heart attack.


When I was picking out wall decor for the bonus room I wanted a big yellow “K”.  (I may have a small obsession)  This time though…I found an amazing deal on Etsy.  I got this unfinished letter K from the Etsy store BuildaCrossCanton.  It was $12.  I was experiencing a mix of emotions from “I am so excited to find such an amazing deal” to “I feel so stupid for not finding this earlier and wasting so much money!”.


All I did was prime the letter with KILZ primer, use a sponge roller and yellow paint I already had in the garage, and then sprayed it with a clear gloss spray paint to seal it and give it a little shine.  Bam…a giant initial letter for TWELVE DOLLARS!!


Sunday we went to church, the boys got hair cuts (Carter got his beautiful shaggy hair cut off…tear), and we went to Jentry’s first birthday party.  Here’s a pic of Carter with two of his friends Cale and Baylor.  I have been friends with their mom’s since I was in 7th grade…so it’s pretty cool we all have boys the same age who will grow up with each other too!





While the boys napped I went to get my nails done.  I must say it was so nice to get the paint stains removed from my cuticles and the calluses soaked off my hands.  I wonder sometimes if people who don’t know me well think I am one of those crazy people who sniff paint because I am always covered in paint of some sort.

I am a lover of shellac nails.  Being a nurse, I am not allowed to have acrylic nails and these babies seriously last me two to three weeks so they are the next best thing.  Even with all my hand washing.  Here are my Valentine’s Day nails!



Hope everyone else had a great weekend.  It’s back to work for me for three days but I have some awesome new post coming soon including our board and batten wall, our new Home Reserve couch, and all the wall decorations I have put up!


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